Consulting activities

What we do

  • We help businesses to align their governance, values and leadership model with their Ambition.
  • To foster the effectiveness of your existing programs, we assess the positioning of the management as leaders, using effective methodologies such as our GLC Pulse Survey.
  • We propose and implement solutions to minimize non- compliance risks on a long-term basis fostering awareness, commitment and empowerment. With our GLC Self Assess methodology we help managers to take leadership on Governance and E&C matters.
  • We propose education and monitoring tools for specific matters such as anti-trust, bribery, gift and entertainment or conflicts of interest.
  • We ensure that the governance and E&C message permeate your company and be embedded in the corporate culture
  • We stand by you in crisis situations, offering our wealth of experience to design the best course of action to minimize any possible adverse consequences for the reputation of company and the one of its management both internally and externally.
  • We provide you with our independent view – listening and challenging you – understanding your value-creation potential and the individual risk profile of your business.
  • We are committed to efficiency and confidentiality.