Examples of Our Works

  • We assess the internal decision-making process, including:
    • roles, delegations and interactions between corporate bodies and management
    • decision recording, communication and follow-up
    • awareness of the decision-making process within the organization
  • We make recommendations to streamline corporate frameworks, including:
    • drafting or adapting policies and procedures
    • defining a matrix of decisions and delegation of authorities
    • designing communication processes to ensure awareness
    • implementing monitoring systems to ensure compliance
E&C Leaders and teams
  • We work with members of E&C organizations, individually or collectively, to improve their effectiveness and impact:
    • Animating internal processes and meetings
    • Identifying skills and competences needed
    • Designing roadmaps and education programs
    • Delivering training and providing individual coaching
Ethics & Compliance
  • We review E&C program architecture (including codes of conduct/ethics and policies) and suggest improvements that are in line with the relevant industry   best practices, organizational culture and ambitions
  • We implement E&C compliance assessments in particular with respect to the leadership engagement and impact using our GLC Pulse Survey methodology, delivering feedback and concrete recommendations
  • We propose communication and training programs in critical matters such as anti-trust, bribery or conflicts of interest
  • We design and implement maintenance, monitoring and reporting processes in order to:
    • Ensure high-level of awareness and leadership commitment, in particular with our GLC Self Assessment methodology
    • Identify risk of non compliance and take appropriate action.
E&C Crisis management

We engage with the senior management of our clients on a one-to-one and confidential basis to support them in their leadership role in the management of the crisis